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 Personal Training

Not sure if In-Home Personal Training is for you? Start with a free fitness consultation. Meet with me, within or outside your home, and let's discuss your fitness goals and how I can help you to achieve them.


  • Let one to one personal training come to the convenience of your home!!                 
  • No equipment necessary!! All equipment will be provided for each session.
  • Workouts designed and based on your fitness goals.
  • A customized exercise program will be provided that fits your needs so that you may continue to reach your goals outside our training sessions.
  • Monthly exercise goal setting to keep you on track to acheive a healthier lifestyle.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters with exercise articles and healthy recipes to kep you motivated.
  • All training sessions based around your schedule.
  • Single sessions and packages available. 
  • Sessions available in 1-hour or 1/2 hour slots.

GROUP TRAINING (2-people):Presentation1.jpg

  • Train with your spouse, child, or a friend.
  • Get extra motivation and make it fun training with someone else.       
  • Monthly exercise goals and a customized exercise program will be developed to acheive your fitness potential. 
  • Bi-monthly newsletter with exercise tips and healthy recipes to keep you motivated
  • All equipment will be provided for each session.
  • Get the same workout at a discounted price.
  • All sessions available in 1-hour or 1/2-hour slots


  • As part of your personal training program you will receive a custom designed exercise program that fits your needs with the equipment in your home or community fitness center.
  • I will show you how to perform each exercise with proper form and we will write out an exercise program that fits your weekly schedule.
  • We will change the exercise program every 8-weeks for ongoing motivation and continued exercise success.


  •  Establish an appropriate baseline and starting point befor exercising so that you may measure your progress
  •    Get a calculation of your BMI and Body Fat Percentage
  •  Get circumference measurements of your waist, arm, and thigh.   
  •   Measure your strength and flexibility through a series of tests.
  •   Any of these tests can be formatted to fit each individual